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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue
Adopting a Golden


Our Adoption Process

  1. Initial Contact:  Fill out an online Adoption Application or call us to let us know you are possibly interested in adopting a Golden Retriever.
  2. Phone Interview:  A volunteer will call you to find out more about your family and will be able to answer questions about adopting and the responsibilities of owning a Golden Retriever. Any information you share with GGRR will not be used for anything other than finding the best home for our Goldens.
  3. Upfront Adoption Fee:  During your phone interview, the volunteer should explain the $25 non-refundable portion of the adoption fee we collect upfront. Once we have received this fee, we can then schedule a home visit.
  4. Home Visit:  Arrangements will be made for a volunteer to meet you in person and visit your home. We will take a look at your home, your property/yard, and try to get a feel for the type of environment the dog may live in.
  5. Approval or Denial:  We always try our best to approve a family for adoption. However, there may be certain situations where we cannot in good conscience place a dog with a family. The reason GGRR exists is to give Goldens a second chance at a good life, and we won't take the risk of putting them in a questionable environment.
  6. Meeting a Golden:  Once you've been approved for adoption, GGRR will evaluate which Golden(s) currently in the program fit with your family. The more restrictions you place on the type of Golden you want (i.e., gender, age) the longer it can take to find a match. Once a match is found, a volunteer will call or email you and tell you about the Golden. You then decide if you're interested in meeting the dog. Arrangements are then made to visit with the dog.
  7. Waiting Period:  There is a mandatory waiting period of at least 24 hours before you can make a final decision on whether you want to adopt the Golden you visited. This gives you an opportunity to talk within your family and make sure this is the right decision. This is also a good time to purchase a collar, leash, brush, dog food, bowls, a crate, books about dogs, make a veterinarian appointment, sign up for obedience classes, or anything else you might need. Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have about what is necessary to responsibly own and care for your new family member.
  8. Bringing your Golden Home:  Once you decide you'd like to adopt the Golden you visited, call or email the GGRR volunteer back after at least 24 hours. Arrangements will be made for you to bring the dog home. You will need to sign the GGRR Adoption Contract, and pay the remainder of your adoption fee. It is highly recommended that you bring the dog into your home when you have a couple of days you can spend with the dog to help with the adjustment to a new environment. Dogs will be afraid and confused as to what's going on, and they will need some time to adjust to their new home and surroundings. They may temporarily change their eating or sleeping habits, and may not act like themselves for a day or two until they are comfortable. Again, if you have any questions please let us know.
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