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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue
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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue (GGRR) is composed of 100% volunteers. We rely on the dedication of those volunteers to accomplish the goals specified in our charter. The following is a list of activities that our volunteers do for the organization.

Provide a Foster Home to Golden Retrievers
Keep and care for a Golden Retriever in your home. Evaluate the Golden Retriever and report on the dog's strengths and weaknesses. Provide pictures and a written description to the webmaster for inclusion on the website. Make arrangements with prospective adopters to meet the golden. GGRR pays for all food and medical costs.
Conduct Home Visits
Visit people who are interested in adopting a Golden Retriever. Evaluate their home, their life, their views on maintaining healthy dogs to determine whether goldens adopted from GGRR will have happy, healthy, and safe living conditions.
Conduct Telephone Interviews
Call people who have expressed interest in adopting a Golden Retriever. Obtain some basic information and provide information about GGRR and the adoption process.
Conduct Dog Visits
Check out dogs that owners or shelters want to surrender to GGRR. GGRR is limited by its charter and non-profit status to only accept purebred Golden Retrievers. Dogs are evaluated based on many criteria.
Provide Transportation
Pick up surrendered dogs, trips to the vet or animal hospital for Goldens requiring medical attention, trips to the groomer, or any other transportation that may be needed with regard to GGRR.
Coordinate Activities
Our Coordinators function as the team leader for our various jobs. Coordinators are elected into their jobs by the volunteers. Our coordinators are:
Adoption Coordinator
Intake Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Website Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Mentor Activities
Similar to Coordinators in that these volunteers accept a position of responsibility, but these are strictly volunteer positions...i.e., not elected.
Intake Phone Lines
Adoption Phone Lines
Home Visits
Dog Visits
Foster Homes
Officers are elected by the volunteers. Officer positions are:
Vice President
Volunteer Representative
We always need to generate funds for our operations. GGRR is a non-profit organization run exclusively by the generosity of others.
Crafts & Sewing
GGRR sells various items at its many events during the year. Most of these items are craft items, created by various GGRR volunteers.

Would you like to help GGRR rescue abused and neglected Golden Retrievers?

Please volunteer today!

Volunteers are appreciated for whatever time they can provide to GGRR. There is no minimum amount of time required to volunteer. Your contribution of time will be appreciated whether you volunteer for 1 hour every few months or for 100 hours every week. However, volunteers that are willing to work 8 or so hours every month are desperately needed. The more dedicated volunteers we have, the more golden retrievers that we can save from abusive and neglected situations.

Won't you volunteer to help a golden retriever today?

To volunteer, please fill out the form below. The current GGRR volunteer coordinator will contact shortly.

GGRR meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Dog Museum (on Mason Road) in Queeny Park (west St. Louis county).

Meetings start at about 7:15pm and can last from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how much business we have to discuss for the month.

Please feel free to attend any of our meetings. There is never a charge to attend meetings. We would love to have you.


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