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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue

Goldens Currently in our Program
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This page displays some of the golden retrievers that have recently been rescued by Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue. This web page does not address the actual availability of any one particular golden retriever, beyond the status 'Ready For Adoption'. We work long and hard to match a family's personality with the Golden Retriever's personality to be sure of a great match.

Please review our web page on Adopting A Golden prior to filling out the application.

Goldens shown below as ready for adoption could be spoken for, could have been already shown to a prospective adoptive family, could be pending the adoption, could be waiting for a spay or neuter, or could be anxiously awaiting somebody to love him/her. Goldens are not removed from this web page until they have been officially adopted and the adoptive family has agreed to and signed the adoption contract. Prospective families are welcome to suggest a particular Golden that they're interested in, but GGRR does not guarantee that their suggested golden retriever will be matched as the best golden for the applicant.
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For reasons beyond our control, we do not have any Golden Retrievers available at this time. The following three reasons are by no means all inclusive.
  • Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue only handles purebred or near purebred Golden Retrievers.
  • The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, signed into law in 2011 in Missouri has given teeth to the existing legislation and thus reduced the number of unlicensed breeders in the state of Missouri. Fewer breeders means fewer unwanted Golden Retrievers.
  • Large breed dogs, such as the Golden Retriever, cost their owners $2000.00 or more each year. Food is expensive; annual medical needs are expensive; and emergency vet care can be really expensive. As the economy suffers and/or unemployment rises, the trend is for people to buy smaller dogs. Fewer large dogs, means fewer purebred Golden Retrievers needing to be rescued.

When we have dogs available, they will be listed here. Please check back.