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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue
Thank You Leah E.
My name is Leah E., and I am ten years old. I organized a Bake Sale at my house with my friends for Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue (GGRR). I made $162.00. A lot of my friends pitched in. I went around the neighborhood and informed people of the sale. A lot of people came and some donated things for the sale. We had rice krispy treats, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, banana bread, and cinnamon crumb cakes. We even sold lemonade. We had fun and all for a good cause. We have a picture from the beginning of the sale.

Halley, Lindsey, Caroline, Ashley, Morgan, Leah, Sydney
My dog Halley is in the picture (a rescue dog from GGRR of course.) From left to right there is my sister Lindsey, Caroline, Ashley (behind Caroline), Morgan, Me, and Sydney. My friends Haley and Kailyn are not shown but they helped too. Most everyone in the picture donated food and money. My friends the Kottmeyers and the Hoppers also donated.