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Gateway Golden Retriever Rescue
GGRR does not release contact information for our members, our prospective adoptive homes, nor our beloved goldens' forever homes, unless required to do so by an officer of the court.

What does that mean to forever homes who want to contact each other? That means they will need to contact their favorite volunteer from GGRR and that person or others within the organization will facilitate the exchange of information, by permission only.

For example, Person A wants to make contact with Person B. Person A contacts GGRR and GGRR contacts Person B.
  • GGRR can then give Person B, Person A's contact information, and Person B can directly contact Person A, if he or she wants to, OR
  • Person B can authorize GGRR to forward Person B's contact information to Person A, OR
  • Person B can refuse GGRR's request.
All three responses are valid. Forever homes are under NO OBLIGATION to share their contact information with anybody, and should not feel obligated to, nor guilty if they do not.

To contact somebody offering contact, please contact your favorite GGRR volunteer directly, or call GGRR at the phone number located at the top left of this page, or contact the webmaster at